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How to Wear Glitter Makeup in Autumn and Winter

The new season is all about grown-up glitter. No longer just something for children and fancy dress, glitter has had a sophisticated makeover and has even become – dare we say it – versatile.

Whether you choose to wear it on your lips, your brow line or under the eyes, there are so many options this Autumn/Winter 2016.

Browse the 9 coolest ways to wear the trend and read our tips for how to recreate the looks below…

1. Glitter-lined brows

How you can wear it: A glittery liquid liner will work perfectly for this look. This is a great way to subtly wear glitter and would look gorgeous on a night out.

2. Glitter tears

How you can wear it: Burberry’s upcoming glitter pots will allow you to recreate this look exactly.

3. Sporadic glitter

How you can wear it: This look is all about creating texture. Foiled eyes were also seen at Holly Fulton, making it one of the most unlikely trends of the season. Combine metallic foiled details with Burberry-style glitter.

4. Pretty pink

How you can wear it: All you need is some vaseline and a pot of bright pink glitter. This look is totally show-stopping for a special occasion.

5. Glitter lips

How you can wear it: Glitterlips UK kits are perfect for recreating this dazzling look.

6. Messy glitter lids

How you can wear it: This look is not about being specific; it’s about dabbing glitter wherever feels right on the eyelid. We love Urban Decay’s Moondust palette for this.

7. Glitter inner corners

How you can wear it: Ideal for if you only want a pop of sparkle, this makeup look can be created by using a glitter pot of your choice.

8. Glossy glitter lips

How you can wear it: If you’d prefer to keep your glitter a little more muted, pat on some glitter particles after applying a high-shine gloss.

9. Disco eyes

How you can wear it: Wear glitter with your smoky eye like at Roberto Cavalli. Simply blend some silver glitter in with your darkest eyeshadow shade.

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