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Bold-Color Velvet is the Fall Trend You Can Wear Now

Even if you haven’t been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Fall 2016 trends in stores, there’s no denying that they’ve taken over shelves. But their presence doesn’t mean you have to live in denim cutoffs until it’s finally cool enough to wear actual pants. There are plenty of trends that work just as well in the sweltering heat as they do on a crisp autumn day. (Ed note: Take it from an L.A. girl, there are many ways around this issue.) Bold-color velvet is one such trend.

Don’t buy it? Just look to these four total smokeshows, above. With glistening skin and tousled (a.k.a. humidity-friendly) hair, these ladies proves that velvet feels completely at home in warm weather when its rendered in rich, eye-popping hues. Think: cobalt instead of navy, and ochre or raspberry instead of black.

While they all happened to go for super-sultry looks, you could also pick up a dope bomber or sweet top instead. There’s no rule that says in order to wear velvet you have to look like you’re two seconds away from strapping on some Victoria’s Secret angel wings. (Although, if that’s where you want to take things, we don’t blame you.)

When the cool weather finally does settle in, just layer in a few black basics (a leather jacket, paper-thin turtleneck, or tights) to keep yourself warm and you’re good for several more months of velvet enjoyment. Heck, you could even ride the velvet train all the way through the New Year. After all, holiday parties practically beg for this rich fabric.

Ready to go all in? Here are a few buys to consider:

Missguided Cami Dress

Mango Velvet Trousers

River Island Lace Trim Bodysuit

Attico Velvet Dress

ASOS Bomber Jacket

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