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10 Cool Outfits to Wear Next Time You’ll Go to the Beach

The beach is such a fun place to be! The sea, the sand, all the fun there is is simply so irresistible that if we can, we would spend so much more time there. No matter where, women always want to look good and the beach isn’t an exception to this.

It’s all about simplicity mixed with style. Besides that, the ten outfits we picked for you are affordable and most likely you have most of the pieces in your wardrobe. They are comfortable and some you can even wear outside of the beach. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite!

1. Casual Outfit

This outfit is really easy to copy. All you need to do is just wear your favorite pair of denim shorts, a cute white t – shirt and flat sandals. To make the whole outfit even more stylish, wear a hat! Hats never go out of style, so make sure to have at least one. Don’t forget to take a beach bag, preferably one that is going to match your whole outfit.

2. Summer beachwear dresses

It can be very hot at the beach, so covering yourself with heavy clothes or too many pieces isn’t a good idea. It’s also preferable if you wear some lighter colors that will match the atmosphere as well. Wearing a dress is great, it can make you feel both comfortable with what you’re wearing and feel stylish as well. If you can, pick blue and white. These two colors always match the beach!

3. Boho and the Beach

Attending a boho party at the beach? Or you’re just simply in love with all things boho, so the beach is just another opportunity to wear it? Great, we understand you completely because we’re in love with boho style as well! Although there are many boho outfits and you can experiment a lot with this style, one of the most beloved ways is the maxi dress. Mix it with a flower crown and some nice jewelry and also make your hair wavy. It’s really simple and yet you’re going to be one of the best – dressed for sure!

4. Jewelry on the Beach

Sometimes it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. You’ve heard it thousands of times before that details matter and it really is true. No matter how simple dressed are you, if you match your outfit with amazing jewelry, it will instantly upgrade the way you look. Nice details catch the attention and add more charm to your outfit. When it comes to the beach, you can just wear your bikini and a cover – up kimono and match it with rings, necklace and bracelets – whatever you have that will make you feel and look stylish.

5. Beach cover ups

It can’t get any simpler than this, ladies! Let’s follow the style of the amazing actress Jessica Alba. She picked two pieces to upgrade the way she looks at the beach. She wears her blue bikini, together with a cover – up kimono and a hat. Preferable match your bikini with the kimono as Alba did. We previously mentioned to pick lighter colors like blue, and this is the case as well. Of course, that is something up to you, so just pick the colors you like the most.

6. Tassel Bikini

So, we’re back at the details. This outfit really offers some nice details and those are the tassels. We previously had a post where we show you ten amazing DIY projects with tassels, so you can check it out and get some inspirations from there. You can make your own jewelry and decorate your clothes with tassels. It’s really easy and won’t be too expensive. If you have enough budget, you can always go and buy! When it comes to the beach, having a sexy bikini, a kimono or a bag with tassels is going to be the real deal.

7. Fruit – Inspired

Sometimes it’s all about the theme. Today you can find both online and in stores many clothes with interesting print and one that we especially like is the fruit – inspired. It gives vibes of something fresh and summer-y. There’s a lot of way on including the fruit – inspired print in your wardrobe. You can try a romper, a dress, or just a t – shirt and wear it with denim shorts. It doesn’t have to be fruit – inspired, in fact. Just choose a print that you find refreshing and summer-y.

8. Boho Hippie

We cannot have enough of boho! There is really something very charming about this style that makes us come back for more. Previously we mentioned the maxi dress, which was kind of elegant and casual at the same time, but this outfit is something else. You need your denim jeans in a combination with white cover – up, white top and necklaces. It’s really easy to copy this look and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

9. Denim Dress

We can never have enough dresses. It’s something that we will always fall for! Same goes for the beach dresses as well. They can make us look more stylish and feel comfortable at the same time, especially if you want to cover that belly you didn’t managed to slim down for the bikini season. Pick a denim dress! The blue color will match the beach atmosphere and it looks incredibly casual and nice. You can wear it with lace up flats as pictured, and you be sure that you’re going to be one very well – dressed lady out there.

10. Lace

One of the most worn outfits on the beach is exactly the tunic. It’s quite comfortable wearing a tunic and if you pick the right piece, it can look really nice as well. Lace is a material that is very often used for beach clothes for women and you can combine the lace with the white color. Of course, the color totally depends on you, but we recommend mixing the outfit with some cool hat, or nice jewelry.

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