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Best True Wireless Earphones Reviews – PaMu Scroll T3

Best True Wireless Earphones Reviews - PaMu Scroll T3

Like the best summer hits that resonate in your ears, truly wireless headphones is the obsession of the moment in tech. In fact, on the web, reviews of all kinds go crazy about what the market can offer in this particular area. And we also want to make our contribution in the world of true wireless headphones. Talking about Pamu Scroll, for those who are used to these products, already know the headphones that need no introduction.

They earned a good reputation because they were the subject of an impressive crowdfunding campaign with impressive results, and we really want to test what they are worth. Although you can no longer buy in the early bid for 39 dollars, but they could still have a decidedly attractive price on Moldac.

Unboxing and description

The sales package is quite simple, although the kit supplied is nevertheless complete. Inside there are two bluetooth earphones, a beautiful case to store and charge them, a standard USB-micro cable and several spare ear tips for all types of ears.

Certainly among the various proposals on the market, the first thing we notice about Pamu Scroll is the refinement in the construction materials, especially in the assembly of the case. It is true that it is larger than it should be, but in addition to the iconic design, the fact that it is cylindrical makes it easy to place it on a surface and to hold it firmly when you are on the move.

Beautiful the feeling of the skin covering the case and very good the effectiveness of the magnetic closure. On one side of the cylinder we find the micro USB port for charging, while on the opposite side there is a blue LED to indicate that the headphones are charging. Available separately, there is also a base for wireless charging.

Speaking more specifically of these true wireless headphones produced by Padmate, what surprises us are also the size and weight of these in-ear headphones. They are really very small and very light, so much so that once you wear them it’s hard to remember. Moreover, thanks to the IPX6 certification, the Pamu Scroll BT 5.0 will be your faithful companions in sports activities even in prohibitive environmental conditions.

How these true wireless headphones work

Well, after a more than comprehensive introduction, it’s time to ask how these headphones work. Let’s start by saying that with any device the initial Bluetooth coupling was practically lightning-fast, and even more so in subsequent uses. These in-ears are equipped with touch controls on both headphones. With a tap the play / pause mode is managed, while a double tap on the left one activates the Siri or Google voice assistants. The right headphone instead is able to manage the progress of the songs with single tap, which allows you to answer the calls while a double tap will refuse to answer.

As for the autonomy of these Pamu Scroll BT 5.0 we can tell you that, depending on the volume you use and the calls made during the day, we could be up to 3.5 hours. Furthermore, the case can recharge the headphones for about two more times, for a total autonomy of between nine and ten hours. In essence, a good coverage of the daily arc.

We now come to consider the listening quality of these true wireless, which is the most surprising aspect of the product. The sound is in fact really clean and with excellent spatiality, and the headphones also support multimedia reproductions at maximum volume without any kind of distortion. Even the bass that are never intrusive are powerful. Furthermore we have not found any lag in the reproduction of multimedia contents, just as the audio on call is excellent.


Summing up the Pamu Scroll, the aspects that we certainly liked are the build quality and the design. Certainly the price to pay is slightly out of the ordinary size. It is a pleasure to listen to music and other multimedia content with these true wireless headphones, plus they are very comfortable to wear. For 69 dollars with free shipping we believe they are still a bargain, although we would have preferred the pamu wireless charging receiver base to be included in the price.

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