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True Wireless Headphones PaMu Scroll Introducing

Following the success of PaMu X13, padmate has announced and released an impressive product at the end of 2018. The product was shown at the two biggest events in Berlin, the IFA Berlin in September 2018 and the TOKUO INTERNATIOL GIFT SHOW for the 86th time. The company announced and released the product that was considered extremely many breakthroughs in True Wireless headphones are PAMU SCROLL with 4 extremely unique and eye-catching color versions.

True Wireless Headphones PaMu Scroll Introducing


Not only the elegantly designed of the headphones are as elegant as those of Bose or Sony, instead is a breakthrough design, attractive fashion style that makes audio believers ready to own thest true wireless PaMu Scroll headphones.

Possess a more compact design than PaMu X13. This time the PaMu Scroll headset with housing is made more refined, with a more refined line. And really, the feeling of wearing on the ears is extremely light and very comfortable, not hurting at all, comfortable exercising without worrying about the problem of falling.

As for the Charging case, this time is an extremely important improvement. With versions combined with 4 color tones on the headphones are “Rock’n’Roll”, “Graphene”, “Glory Edition” “Sakura” respectively. With lines, extremely faux leather veins are extremely attractive.

And the feature on the Charger is to integrate the wireless charging feature, a feature that is available at the moment. Just build up the case to charge up and place it right on the wireless charger that we can automatically charge directly to the device.

True Wireless Headphones PaMu Scroll Introducing


In fact, talking about the features on the True Wireless PaMu Scroll headset is extremely long. Because the True Wireless PaMu Scroll headset is a product that is on me, it has a lot of latest technology features

The first is the True Wireless PaMu Scroll headset, which carries Bluetooth 5.0 a standard connection up to the present time, the most advanced, with V5.0 connectivity that gives True Wireless PaMu headphones Scroll a stable quality connection with a connection distance of up to 10m waiting for the fastest audio transmission speed, full transmission of sound signals to give the most honest honesty.

Also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which is the Auto paring function – auto connection – just pick up the headset from the charging Docks will automatically connect to the device of the user.

Next, it is also important to hear and listen directly to the phone, and listen to it directly. – Listen and absorb because of that, the company has integrated it into PaMu Scroll. Can listen directly to both ears at the same time, helping us to have more conversations, more convenient, quick, and clear conversations than ever.

The PaMu X16 has a lightweight touch on Housing. Of course the juniors have to follow a few seniors too, True Wireless PaMu Scroll headphones also integrate sensors directly on the product with extremely simple operations. With one touch, we were able to pause, continue listening to the music that is listening or to receive calls on the user’s device. Touch 2 times for us to transfer and Activate Siri or stop the call when we have a call.

Health problems, exercise training are being put on top, or the heavy rain that you can not keep up with hands – It is now not worry when using True Wireless headphones PaMu Scroll with water resistance standard in high pressure water jets: IPX6

Talking about battery life, there is nothing outstanding. With continuous listening time of up to 3.5 hours, the talk time is up to 5 hours, along with the standby time of 100 hours, the charging time for case is 2 hours, it does not make me very impressed. When using with charging case, it will give us 3-5 more charge for our 2 headphones.

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