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Pamu Slide Review: Killer of Airpods

After the amazing success achieved with the Pamu Scrolls, Padmate launches a new challenge to Apple and to the market of true wireless headphones with its flagship product, the Pamu Slide.

For those who like me, often find themselves traveling by public transport, for longer or shorter routes, there is no better friend than music. You open Spotify on your phone, you put your trustworthy headphones on and you pass the time making us get involved with our favorite songs …

If it were not that, on time, at every single stop, the people who come down or go up, get stuck with the coats, bags, books, rings and anything else in the thread of my earphones, detaching them from my ears and interrupting my fantastic imaginary concert. It goes without saying that then, as soon as the first cordless headphones came out, I was immediately fascinated.

When, during my research on the internet, I came across a new project by the Chinese company Padmate a couple of years ago, which launched its new Pamu Scroll wireless headphones on Indiegogo, I was genuinely fascinated and found it to be an excellent market move to sponsor headphones far less quoted and inflated than rivals Apple and Samsung. This year Padmate decided to replicate with its new true wireless headphones: the Pamu Slide.

Let’s start immediately with a characteristic element, the name.

The new Padmate earphones are so named because the box that acts as a container and refill opens by sliding the upper surface upwards in English. Continuing to talk about the case, this is probably the most discussed point of the headphones, as well as one of the most controversial. The Pamu Slide box is a parallelepiped with a square base, very little portable.

Pamu Slide Review: Killer of Airpods

In your pocket it might be uncomfortable, especially if you keep other items like a phone or wallet, and personally I preferred to put it in my backpack, which I always carry with me on every trip. In reality, to be honest, this choice of the Padmate is justifiable and presents the proverbial “other side of the coin”. The Pamu Slides are probably the longest recharging headphones I’ve ever tried. Each charge of the individual earphones lasts up to 10 hours of continuous listening, and the box allows you to charge them up to 5 times.

In short, it will very rarely happen to have to charge our earphones, which is a definite advantage and convenience. The number of charges contained is represented by the LEDs present on the upper face of the box, made in a very elegant fabric (without a doubt the style is one of the undisputed merits of these earphones).

On the case, we also find, apart from the classic power and input keys for recharging, another button, which will allow it to be transformed into a powerbank for mobile phones that support the contact charging function. A very convenient feature if you are a maniac of the office like me, and you always fear that your smartphone may abandon you while you hear your favorite song.

Turning to the earphones itself, the Padmate seems to have abandoned the classic shape of its Scrolls, to move to a more elongated shape, similar to that of Apple’s Airpods. The headphones are touch, and by touching the right rather than the left, it will be possible to stop or restart the music, go forward or backward through the songs, answer calls and, rarely seen on wireless headphones, raise or lower the volume of the device to which they are connected.

The Pamu slides connect via Bluetooth 5.0, which allows a connection to all effects immediately with all devices. Another feature, which will surely make the joy of many, and given the waterproofness of the headphones and allow clear sound during the call both indoors and outdoors. Speaking instead of sound during listening these earphones defend themselves more than well, having a particular fondness for bass, but remaining on levels that are more than good for what concerns medium and high frequencies.

Personally, I used these headphones both at home and on vehicles, and to play sports, and they never gave me any kind of problem, always remaining well attached to the ear and being able to work even at a considerable distance from my phone (especially if there were not too many objects between me and the same).

A really well chosen purchase, especially given the very low Indiegogo launch price, both for lovers of this type of earphones, and for those who are now approaching this kind of product, and looking for an item that can perform well and not have an excessive cost.

If we exclude, as mentioned, the “problem” of portability, and the fact that the technical characteristics are still unknown to date, I can only highly recommend the Padmate Pamu Slide.

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