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PaMu Slide Unboxing and Review

I’ve sent some new earbuds and these are from a company called padmate, these are named pamu slides, they just shift these in and I just got them in yesterday. So I’m going to unpack them now, so that I can know how they actually are.

PaMu Slide Unboxing and Review

So great, actually if you’re using these to work out or you’re out in the rain, you don’t have to worry about that. It does come in a very very very simple box, and it just has the slide name from the open method of the case. Then all of the information right there on the front. It’s a very very fancy case. The earbuds have a ten hours using for talking with one fully charge. It does have an indication of how much battery life is left of the case, so if I take the earbuds out a little bit, it can show you how many battery left of the case.

The sound quality on the pamu slides are pretty decent, when I put them and attach them to my phone and use them to listen to my favorite podcasts and watch a couple of my friends videos. There’s a couple things there, some extra ear tips, one small and one bigger. I do like the look of them, they are a little more streamline. It’s gonna hang out like an airpod, but overall they are decent, I don’t mind the sound of them, I liked it.

They are cheaper than some of my favorite kind, I do like the quality of sound, I will say when I tested these I was sitting in a room with fans and air, because it is about a hundred degrees outside, but that’s not here nor there.If you’re interested in getting pamu slides and trying them out yourself, you can order them on Moldac now.

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