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PaMu Slide TWS Headphones Introduce

What is PaMu Slide?

PaMu Slide is the new wireless earphone of Padmate-tech that has been very successful with the crowdfunding at INDIEGOGO. If you look at the spec sheet, all specifications such as playback time, color variation, waterproof standards, etc. are overwhelming AirPods. Moreover, there are 6 types of ear tips that you can make your ears fit better. Another advantage over AirPods is that it can be stored in the charging case with the earpiece attached.

PaMu Slide playback time

PaMu Slide playback time is 10 hours when fully charged. And for a total of 60 hours with a charging case. PaMu Slide can be charged more than 5 times using the charging case. Since AirPods play for 5 hours and play for a total of 24 hours, the playback time of PaMu Slide is more than doubled.

However, PaMu Slide’s charging case is annoying because the case size has become larger due to the large capacity battery. If you look at compactness, AirPods will get better!

How many colors do PaMu Slide have?

Three colors are available: white, black, and green. It is a nice point to be able to choose a color to your liking. All colors are attractive, but white would be the same as AirPods, and green would be interesting but I chose black so I ended up choosing black.

How many colors do PaMu Slide have?

AirPods is available in one white color. Black was expected in AirPods2, but unfortunately it did not appear.

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