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5 Keys to Find Out the Hearing Aids to Suits you Best

Are you looking for the best hearing solution? We want to give you the clearest answer, knowing that best hearing aids will be based on your specific hearing loss, your needs and your lifestyle. So let’s take the time to define what’s important to you for that purpose to determine the most successful solution.

What is my hearing loss?

A hearing loss is personal. You may have a small loss on one side or a deep loss on both sides. These aspects determine the choice of the hearing aid – the more profound your loss will be, the more powerful the hearing aid will be. And from this will also flow the size and pattern that you will be able to choose.

Which size and which model suits me?

Hearing aids are available in different styles, sizes, and colors, so you can find the hearing solution that fits your personal hearing needs. Would you like a discreet hearing aid? Or do you wear it without any discomfort? The BTEs (behind the ear) are placed behind your ears, just like the RICs (receiver in the channel) . RICs, however, are smaller. The CICs (completely in the canal hearing aids) are placed directly in your ear canal and are very discreet. You can get them in different colors to match your skin color.

It is also important to consider handling it. If you have limited dexterity, it may be easier for you to handle a larger BTE hearing instrument than smaller RICs or tiny CICs.

What features do I need?

You can opt for hearing aids that simply help improve your hearing. You can also choose hearing aids that will broadcast the sound directly from the TV, track your activity levels, help you customize the sound via AI (Artificial Intelligence) … they will almost serve you coffee! Think about your lifestyle. Are you a fan of series? Do you practice jogging every day? Are you addicted to new technology and know how to use your smartphone with your eyes closed? Or maybe you just want to hear better conversations around you.

Also think about your mobility and if you live far away from a hearing professional. The setting of some hearing aids can be fine-tuned remotely by streaming video, so you do not need to go to the professional for an adjustment. If you live far away from your hearing care professional, this can be a great benefit.

What source of energy do I prefer?

There are two main solutions to power your hearing aids: disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries.

Disposable batteries need to be changed from time to time and can be more complex to handle, especially if you have limited vision or dexterity. In this case, you can opt for a more flexible solution. Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are easier to handle since you do not have to remove the batteries yourself. You can use your hearing aids all day and charge them at night, as long as you have a power outlet – and you do not forget to recharge them, such as Puryt R1 mini CIC.

What will be the sound?

You will have to try different hearing aids because each hearing instrument, or at least each brand, has its own sound. But, overall, opt for a clear sound, close to what you perceive in real life – without any distortion. A natural, quality sound is what you are looking for, in priority.

Some hearing aids have features to enhance the perception of the constantly changing mood. Determine if your listening situation changes often during the day – maybe you listen to music, have conversations, move in traffic? It is also possible that you are most often in the same listening situation and that you do not need your hearing aid to constantly adjust the sound – so there is another option for you.

Some sophisticated hearing aids also have applications that exploit machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you customize the sound in a simple way without requiring any effort on your part.

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