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Highlights of True Wireless PaMu Slide Headphones

PaMu Slide is the latest headset model of young sounding firm Padmate . PaMu Slide is one of the models with the largest capital contribution on Indiegogo, up to more than $ 5 million.

Pamu Slide Boxed About canning, Pamu Slide shows a real difference compared to its predecessors, the style of canning is more luxurious and superior. Inside the box, we will have a charging box, housing PaMu Slide , charging cable and a few sets of replacement tips.


Pamu Slide Review: Killer of Airpods

PaMu Slide has a housing that looks like a lot of Airpods but is a bit chubby and plump. Housing is beveled round with more soft beveled edges to create a charm for the headset. Pamu Slide ‘s design also brings a lot of depth with many cubes combined together to bring a very natural stand out to the headset. The housing part of PaMu Slide is a harmonious combination of two in-ear and earbud structures to provide superior wearable, easily fits to many different users.

The PaMu Slide charging box also provides a very high level of softness with loads of soft curves and beveled edges. The cover of the box will slide mechanism as the name of the headset, opening and closing easy, firm, safe to use to protect the headset. The lid of the PaMu Slide box is designed with many different materials, each color version will have a different finishing design with the emphasis that the PaMu logo is designed in a modern style.


With the PaMu Slide housing pair , we will have 10 hours of use, quite large compared to many true wireless models even other wireless headphones sale online with the same price range, with the included charging box, the use time of the PaMu Slide can be up to 60 hours. In terms of connectivity, PaMu Slide has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity standard, besides, we also have Qualcomm QCC3020 connection chip with AptX standard, which helps to connect smoothly and saves battery very well. In terms of control, PaMu Slide can be easily controlled by gentle touches on the housing like on many modern headphones.

PaMu Slide is equipped with a lot of advanced features, strong support for user experience. PaMu Slide ‘s charging box is capable of reversing via wireless charging for mobile phones, but the capacity is not large but it will also be useful in emergency situations. IPX6 waterproof standard on PaMu Slide can help PaMu Slide to comfortably use in wet conditions, suitable for athletes. With its elongated design, PaMu Slide was able to equip the microphone more reasonably, making the conversation of the headset better.

PaMu Slide is one of the most affordable headsets in the price range, modern design along with many internal technologies, the headset will be a formidable opponent for products in the price range, including Airpods. To own the headset, you can go to Moldac to get the best price.

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