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Iconic Headphones From Indiegogo: PaMu Slide

PaMu Slide is not only my debut as a reviewer, but also the first longer contact with this type of equipment. In this case, however, I think it’s a plus – we are dealing here with a product addressed to a mass recipient rather than a real gadget maker. My experience should first of all help people who are thinking about abandoning the cable, but do not necessarily want to invest in top-shelf positions.

So much for the introduction, now it’s time to go to the equipment itself. PaMu Slide headphones that were created thanks to the collection on Indiegogo are considered to be one of the platform’s greatest hits to this day. Within just a few days, their creators managed to collect funds several times higher than the assumed goal. All thanks to the promising specification, original design and (and perhaps above all) a very affordable price.

PaMu Slide Unboxing and Review

The equipment came to me a little round the road, which should explain the condition of the box visible in the photo. The most important thing, however, is what was inside. The PaMu Slide, apart from headphones, also has a case that acts as a charging station, a cable, an additional case and a set of silicone inserts to replace.

This case is the most characteristic part of PaMu Slide. They are distinguished from the competition not only by the quality of workmanship, but also by the size. The sliding cover is made of a combination of metal and plastic in such a way that it itself resembles a small speaker.

As for the headphones themselves , we are dealing here with a fairly simple, but at the same time not as delicate design as in the case of AirPods . It may be a matter of blackness, but at first glance they seem a bit archaic to me. They even bring to mind models of in ear wireless earbuds that were popular a dozen or so years ago. The manufacturer offers two more color versions of the PaMu Slide (white and green), which in my opinion look slightly better. However, there is of course a matter of individual preferences.

As for the quality of the headphones, I have no complaints. First of all, it is worth mentioning that they fit well in the ear and do not cause discomfort even after several hours of use.

The biggest surprise when it comes to PaMu Slide is the sound quality. I really didn’t expect this level of price for $ 89. And especially, headphones without a cable. The sound is clear and clear, although slightly more sensitive music lovers may complain about the lack of adequate bass. Headphones are perfect even in loud and crowded rooms, from open space, through public transport, to gyms. They definitely outperform in this respect even standard Apple headphones.

Intensive use reveals some disadvantages of the equipment. The most important concerns communication. While the process of connecting to a smartphone or laptop is very fast and intuitive, sometimes problems also arise. In the case of a smartphone, sometimes the headphones do not connect at the same time, and the message “Connected” sounds with a delay in one of them. However, this lack of synchronization did not occur in the case of audio reproduction.

In the case of a laptop, the main problem is establishing a new connection after breaking it (e.g. due to inactivity and switching off the headphones). It looks like this: when you reactivate the headphones, the sound is interrupted and only reset connection here helps. I have to admit, however, 9/10 times when it came to this, it was about connecting to my work laptop, which in itself is not trouble-free.

Gestures also need refinement. In my opinion, they are quite misleading. For example: one finger tap on the handset, depending on which handset we are talking about, brings a completely different action. While for a regular user the matter seems obvious, but the first few days with headphones can be really frustrating. In addition, it’s difficult to feel the sensitivity of headphones – sometimes you have to “knock” hard to change the song, other times it changes when you try to improve the earpiece in the ear.

And it is phenomenal working time on one charge. I have been using headphones for 1.5 weeks every day, an average of 2 to 6 hours. They were only charged three times during this time. Only once did it completely discharge (after about 20 minutes the headphones were ready for use). The case itself has not been charged by me yet, and at the time of writing this post the battery level is still 30%.

A quick look at the specification and everything becomes clear. The battery capacity of the case is 2000 mAh, which should allow you to charge the headphones 5-6 times. This capacity also means that we can successfully use PaMu Slide even as a power bank for our smartphone (the case is equipped with a USB-C connector, which is a huge plus here). Admittedly, this is a great option, especially for travelers.

My adventure with PaMu Slide is still going on. For now, however, with a clear conscience I can recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable alternative to AirPods or other wireless headphones. For relatively little money we get quite solid equipment that works great in everyday conditions.

At the end, there is a new versions of pamu slide now, called PaMu Slide Mini. They are almost the same with the PaMu Slide except the charging box of mini versions is smaller, and the capacity is 400mAh, can offer other 2 times of fully charge for headphones. And the price is lower certainly, only $69 on Moldac website.

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