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PaMu Slide Mini: Good Headphones at a Low Price

Padmate has introduced a new model of wireless headphones called PaMu Slide Mini. After the success of the previous model PaMu Slide, the expectations were very high and once again, the Chinese company understood us well, but there are certain things that you must absolutely know before buying…

The purchase package includes the earphones, the charging and transport case, a USB Type-C cable for charging, ear tips of different sizes and the user manual. The design of the charging case for these PaMu earbuds is precise and elegant. PaMu Slide Mini are very reminiscent of Mobvoi’s Free TicPods in terms of shape and size, differentiating them by the presence of a rubber cover in the upper part of the headphones. This rubber coating is used to prevent the headphones from falling off when used during active activities such as running or the gym. Speaking of perspiration, the PaMu Slide Mini is IPX6 certified, which allows it to withstand a little physical activity and a few drops of rain.

The headphones are controlled by touch gestures and I must admit that I am not a big fan. First of all, I find that the capacitive headband placed at the top of the bar line is too small and it is very easy to miss it the first time. You will also need to open the manual to read, study and learn all the different gestures that differ depending on the headset affected.

PaMu Slide Mini: Good Headphones at a Low Price

A well-deserved compliment for gestures dedicated to volume control: practical and close at hand even if a companion application to personalize these gestures would have been ideal.

The pamu slide mini earbuds were produced in close collaboration with Qualcomm and Intel, as Padmate says on its page dedicated to the Indiegogo campaign. Unlike many competitors who still use the “old” Qualcomm CSR86Xx chip , we find inside each of the PaMu headphones the brand new QCC3020 chip from the American company.

This allows these True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headphones to take full advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 technology for fast, reliable, wide range and low latency pairing, as well as the aptX audio codec although I would have liked to find aptX HD codecs. or LDAC, now usable on almost all Android smartphones.

PaMu headphones, if worn with the right tips, sound great compared to the sale price. The stereo separation and the voices are very well developed. In general, the different sounds of the headphones are clearly separated from each other, great!

The bass is present and better than the other headphones I have had the chance to try, but the PaMu have a different audio timbre from some of its competitors. It’s not a bad thing, they sound different and adapt to different musical genres.

As for the battery, the PaMu Slide Mini promises 10 hours of battery with a single recharge of the headphones, 30 hours in total if we count the energy available in the carrying case (400 mAh declared on the packaging). I must honestly admit with you that I have not yet completed the first charge cycle despite the daily use of headphones for about two hours. I have not yet been able to unload completely to verify this promise, but on the face of it, we should be very close to the scheduled time.

Very nice that there is a USB Type-C port for charging and that it is supported wireless charging (in the PaMu Slide Plus version), so that you can charge your headphones with your new Galaxy S10 or P30 Pro. Speaking of these two smartphones, the PaMu Scroll were inspired by them for their most interesting function: the case can indeed become an external portable wireless battery which can charge other wireless devices such as your smartwatch or your smartphone!

Of course, you can’t count on her to spend a weekend at the campsite away from the phone charger, but in case of an emergency it’s practical.

New wireless headphones are introduced and introduced to the market every day. Almost all manufacturers today have a real wireless model, and many other manufacturers begin their history with this type of accessory. Padmate has made itself known to the general public by launching the PaMu Scroll, real wireless headphones with an original design and valid at the proposed price.

The pamu slide mini bluetooth 5.0 headphones are a logical evolution of the previous product, although the general design reminiscent of AirPods does not drive me personally crazy, but these headphones are perfect for the price at which they are offered.

The lack of a companion application for customizing gestures, for audio equalization or for downloading OTA updates, penalizes the headphones. They are and will remain so forever. Apart from a slight lack of bass, there is not much to fix on the audio side. The sound quality is sufficient for the target to which they are offered and the Bluetooth connection is stable and immediate.

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