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Padmate PaMu Scroll T3 IPX6 & Upto 6 Hours Playtime on a Fully Charge

Wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity are a useful accessory, and when choosing it, users often focus simply on the brand or the popularity of compact acoustics. The Padmate brand has been able to raise over $ 3,000,000 for production of PaMu headphones at Indiegogo. New items in the original design with Bluetooth 5.0, water protection, battery life up to 6 hours and a case made of eco-leather are already on sale at a discounted price.

Compact size (19.5 x 17 x 27 mm) and low weight, only 5 grams per headphone. At the same time, they sit securely in their ears due to silicone ear cushions, and their body is protected against water ingress according to the IPX6 standard – you can continue to listen to music even in the rain while jogging in the fresh air.

The novelty is connected to the sound source using the energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 module. One charge of built-in batteries, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 6 hours of continuous playback, a full charge from a complete case will take 2 hours. SBC, AAC, and Audiophile aptX codecs for uncompressed audio are supported.

You can control the playlist, answer incoming calls and activate the voice assistant (Google Assistant or Siri) using the touch panel on the cups without removing the smartphone from your pocket. For convenience, the headphones automatically turn on when removed from the case and turn off when set to recharge.

Padmate PaMu Scroll T3 based on the Airoha 1526P chip with support for the Bluetooth 5.0 standard can connect to a signal source at a distance of up to 10 meters. Thanks to the protection of the IPX6 case, the novelty can not be removed even in the shower.

10 mm drivers are responsible for the sound quality of the new product, popular SBC and AAC codecs are supported, and CVC noise reduction technology for the microphone is responsible for the quality of the phone conversation. Playback control and call of the voice assistant are carried out using touch panels on the body.

Now, you can buy PaMu Scroll T3 for $69 on Moldac.

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