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Padmate PaMu Slide Mini in Test

The PaMu Slide show many good approaches in the previous test and are particularly impressive in terms of battery life and workmanship. The charging case with 2,000 mAh battery even charges the smartphone wirelessly. For PaMu Slide Mini, what is the difference from PaMu Slide? Let’s check it out together.

The PaMu Slide Mini from Padmate has also been available on Moldac.com, the wireless in-ear headphones with a battery life of up to ten hours and IPX6 certification, rely on Qualcomm technology, which also gives them aptX support. The earphones come with a charging case including a charging case, a USB-C charging cable, 6 pairs of different sizes eartips, pair of earphones. The earphones are held magnetically and do not fall out when the case is turned over. The charging case has to be recharged via USB-C.

Padmate PaMu Slide Mini in Test

Like the Yobybo Card20 , the PaMu Slide Mini also uses Qualcomm’s QCC3020 chip, which in addition to Bluetooth 5.0 also offers aptX and an extended battery life. The total battery life of the PaMu Slide Mini is up to 30 hours. If you charge the earphones in the charging case for 5 minutes, music can be played back for an hour. The dynamic drivers of the PaMu Slide Mini have a diameter of 6 mm and cover the usual frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. With the IPX6 certification, the earphones are protected against strong water jets, but they must not be submerged. The charging case is also not particularly protected against water.

The PaMu Slide Mini offer two microphones in each earphone. Padmate advertises it with “Dual-Mic Noise Reduction Technology” and gives the impression that this is an active noise suppression. Because it says, for example: ” PaMu Slide Mini uses dual mic reduction technology to eliminate external noise, so you can hear voice calls and music with real clarity.“The advertising thus explicitly relates to how the wearer hears the caller and the music.

Padmate PaMu Slide Mini in Test

The earphones can be used individually in the test, however, only the left earphone always connected to the smartphone automatically. The one on the right had to be individually connected to the mobile device. If both earphones are connected and the left earphone is placed in the charging case, playback also stops on the right earphone. The latter now has to connect to the smartphone again, then playback can continue on it. However, if the right earphone is switched off, the left earphone can be used without interruption. Since both earphones do not offer completely identical control functions, only the functions of the respective earphones are available for single use.

Padmate specifies the runtime of the earphones with one battery charge up to 10 hours. With the charging case, this extends to a total of 30 hours. In the test, around 9 hours could be reached at medium volume. The battery life is therefore more than sufficient for a normal day, especially since the PaMu Slide Mini also offer a quick charge function that provides one hour of music playback after a 5 minute charge.

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