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Glass fibers for nails:what are they?

If you are passionate about the nail products, I recommend that you read this article carefully.
Glass fibers, also known as fiberglass, are born from the union of resins and silk, they do not cause allergies and are presented in bunches joined by a purple glue that facilitates their use and positioning on the nail.
They are mainly used as a base for extensions, but you can also use them comfortably for repairs of broken or chipped nails.
You can use the glass fibers practically always, and on the natural nail for an extension, be it salon or extreme, but remember to place them on the free edge.
You can also create ultra slim, thin and resistant nails, but also structures with an elegant and refined look as the free edge will acquire a transparent color.
Of course you can also use them to repair broken and chipped nails, quickly and easily.
Also remember that glass fibers are not soluble therefore, in the removal phase, you will have to use the bur and not soak off solutions or compresses.
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