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Nail art: ideas and tips for Halloween

You don’t have to be a nail art professional to wear witches, monsters and other vampires on your nails during Halloween this year. Discover our examples in this article, and play the bluffing manicure card with your manicure supplies.

Which accessory to use for your Halloween nail art?

1. To create the black or white backdrops for your designs, choose lacquered varnish textures. Their mirror effect will boost the realism of your “monstrous” patterns.

2. The tracing of the meanders of your spider’s web is done with an ultra-fine brush, see with an eyeliner brush, free of make-up.

3. To achieve the smoky gradient of your witch nails, use a sponge. But if you decide to display eyeballs, or a spider, it’s a dressmaker’s pin that you’ll need.

4. You prefer a more gory effect, with bloody nails more real than life. Remember to bring a straw, and save your breath, to sweep the varnish in droplets.

5. The masking tape is the ideal accessory to obtain a perfect pointed shape, and regular edges.

6. Is the black cat that walks around on the tips of its nails more to your liking? Succeed like a chef with his little face, using a half-eyelet from a binder as a stencil.

All right! Try it out right now! Moreover, to discover more products to realize your Halloween nail art just click our Matyton nail supply.

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