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A few tips for taking control of your feet

A person takes 5,000 to 6,000 steps a day, and walks around the Earth 2.5 times in their lifetime. To avoid suffer from foot pain, here are some tips. Follow us!

Adopt impeccable hygiene

To have beautiful, healthy feet, you should of course wash them carefully, every day. But you still have to follow two important rules: do not give them too long baths, and dry them well afterwards, insisting between the toes. Drying your feet thoroughly avoids certain inconveniences.

Wear appropriate footwear

The feet are most of the time locked in shoes. So we should wear shoes that respect the anatomy of the foot, while ensuring good support, especially at the back of the foot. To avoid perspiration, and the possible appearance of warts, it is best to avoid wearing closed plastic shoes.

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To have beautiful feet, focus on hydration

The secret of pretty feet lies in two essential treatments, to be renewed regularly: exfoliation and hydration. The scrub should be done on previously moistened feet, emphasizing calluses, especially on the heels. Then, once the feet are well dried, a moisturizer is applied.

For well-being, dont hesitate to massage yourself

To have feet in great shape, it is advisable not to hesitate to massage them, morning and evening if possible. Scrubbing and applying the cream is also a good opportunity to give them a relaxing massage.

OK! Now that you have known a few tips for taking control of your feet. In addition, you will also need to take regular care for your foot using pedicure supplies. If you don’t have any foot care products, check out our Maryton nail supply.

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