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Smileys on the nails

Have you ever heard of a smileys manicure? Notice to fans of nail art and other meticulous work, it’s time to wear small and cute smileys on the tips of your nails! Just take out your manicure kit and follow us!

Nail art is the art of decorating the nails. In short, a kind of meticulous ‘makeup’ of the nails to make decorations, abstract or realistic figures, sometimes using accessories such as rhinestones, etc. And faced with the limitless imagination of its followers, nail art is full of surprises: on the theme of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, fruity nail art manicure, navy, etc. One of the hottest right now? The smiley manicure!

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How to make a smileys manicure?

Like any successful nail art, the smiley manicure requires time, precision and thoroughness. On a colored or transparent base, just make yellow circles … before tracing the mouth and eyes with a fine-tip accessory previously dipped in black varnish or a precise-tip varnish pen. So much for the basic smiley manicure. But you can also allow yourself a few small variations and details by making, for example, small blue tears of laughter or red heart kisses. Or go even further in originality by using a base color other than yellow.

OK! Now that you have known how to make a smileys manicure, take into action! To discover more products to realize your manicure click here.


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