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Nail art: ideas for a geometric manicure

Aesthetic and easy to make, nail decorated with geometric patterns are increasingly attractive. The nail art phenomenon, or the art of decorating one’s nails using several techniques and colors of varnish, is gaining momentum from year to year. After fruity nails or chrome varnishes, geometric manicures are attracting more and more Internet users… And we love it!

Aesthetic and easy

Making geometric shapes on your nails for an ultra-trendy manicure is much easier than it seems. We give you 3 good reasons to succumb:

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  • This requires little material: if generally this type of manicure is carried out with 2 or 3 varnishes of different colors, you can also obtain a very beautiful result with 1 single color and a transparent top coat. Please make sure you have manicure kits before you start out.
  • It’s easy to achieve since it’s all about geometric patterns, straight lines and sharp strokes.
  • We take few risks, no one will be surprised at the lack of similarity between the subject and our representation.

Obviously, this is only an example and there are a multitude of ways to obtain an amazing result! Ready to launch? Before you start, suggest you go to our Maryton website, which has a lot of nail tools. Moreover, we’re full of inspiration with the most beautiful nail art!

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