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6 reflexes to adopt to have feet at the top of their beauty

Our feet require care throughout the year, in the same way as our hands or our face. This article will put the feet in the dish and explain, step by step, how to pamper your feet!

1. We work on cleansed feet

First step before doing any treatment: prepare your nails. To do this, remove the varnish using a mild solvent preferably. Formulas without acetone are less aggressive for the nails.

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2. We put the gum and we grate

To have soft and supple skin, you have to get rid of dead cells. You should exfoliate once a week, and use a pumice stone, insisting on these rough areas.

3. We take a dip

After getting a makeover, it’s time for the bath. Just use a basin filled with warm water. By adding a few grains of salt, you will feel your legs deflate and stretch in a few moments!

4. We go to the cut

When the nails are well softened from the effects of hot water, dry them with a clean towel. Then take a pair of scissors and cut them very short. They must then be filed, always in the same direction.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to use a very abrasive file because the toenails are relatively thick.

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5. We hydrate until we are no longer thirsty

Remember to apply a moisturizer. Massage the whole foot, without forgetting the toes and insist on the place of the feet.

6. We dress our nails!

Here is finally the most important step for the most flirtatious among us: the application of the varnish. Apply a base to prevent the pigments of the varnish from damaging your nail. Covered the base with a varnish. Don’t forget the importance of the top coat!

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Tip: Don’t forget to put toe spreaders. Installation will only be easier!

Tempted? Bring your pedicure supplies and start your pedicure trip quickly! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have foot care products. We have everything all you need in Maryton nail supply.

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