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Beauty Manicure Women Styles

Maryton, your nail products wholesaler

Maryton, wholesaler for beauty professionals abroad, offers a wide range of nail products for sale online. Whether you carry out your activity at home or in a salon, discover all the professional equipment necessary for your services: all kinds of files, brushes, and also lamps and vacuums and nail drill. Treat yourself to quality products and offer your customers a wide choice of treatments for their nails. As a wholesaler of nail products, Maryton also offers online sales of equipment to facilitate the transport and storage of your products.

Durable Professional Portable Lightweight Electric Nail Drill 2,000~30,000 RPM, Low Noise, Low Heat and Low Vibration

The supplier of nail technicians

The main supplier of nail technicians abroad offers you a complete range of professional nail products: files and vacuum cleaners for filing dust, nail buffer and cuticle pusher. For more speed, try electric nail drill, perfect for natural nails, UV gel or acrylic resin. And they are not bulky!

The supplier of professional nail products for beauticians

Maryton, supplier of beauticians specializing in nail beauty, has a wide choice of gels compatible with UV or LED. For aesthetic care of the hands or feet, offer different colors and textures to your clients. Different UV lamps and spare neon tubes are at your disposal for an even catalysis, as well as very practical vacuum cleaners to get rid of dust from the image.

Lightweight Portable 6W LED UV Mini Small Sized Mouse Nail Lamp

Semi-permanent varnish kits

As a supplier of nail products, Maryton offers semi-permanent nail polish kits for sale online. An economical formula that allows you to have all the essential equipment in the nail business: UV lamp, cuticle pusher, professional files. Equip yourself at a lower cost!

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