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How to grow your nails faster?

Do you dream of having beautiful long nails that refine your hand? But your nails take a long time to grow? And they break all the time? Looking for tips to make them grow faster? Now your expert nail supplier Maryton will teach you how to grow your nails faster.

1. Don’t bit your nails

First of all, stop biting your nails! Remember to put on bitter-tasting nail polish or chew gum!

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2. Use the file instead of nail clippers

While the nail file takes longer than nail clippers, it’s worth having a beautiful hand! In reality, the vibration caused by the nail clipper can cause the nail to split.

3. A healthy diet

What we eat can affect our fingernails. So, if you want to have strong and beautiful nails, consider eating foods rich in protein and biotin.

4. Moisturize and massage the cuticles

Hydrating the cuticles and removing excess skin helps nail growth. So, take a little castor oil and massage the cuticle very well.

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5. Apply nail polish

Try to wear nail polish as often as possible. Indeed, nail polish protects your nails by reducing shocks during DIY and household activities.

6. Avoid chemicals

Harsh detergents and chemicals are your nails’ worst enemies. So, to wash the dishes or to clean the house, using chemical products, remember to wear rubber gloves!

We hope you enjoy this article! To get all the necessary equipment, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure set! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.

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