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This stunning nail polish color is already a 2022 trend

Female hand with dark blue nails is holding a beige decoration on blue background, manicure and nail care concept.

Are you ready for “Deep Blue”? After the eccentricity of neon colors or the futuristic aspect of holographic manicures, it’s up to a more sober and minimalist shade of varnish to be popular. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you ideas.

The Deep Blue is about to become the new basic to adopt in the same way that you can choose a burgundy or a nude. Deep and similar to navy blue, it nevertheless draws all its finesse from its luminosity and its slightly purple details.

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Deep Blue is the new black

More original and diverse than an opaque black, the Deep Blue varnish offers a plurality that can be appreciated by all people who like to wear dark shades. The advantage of the bluish color is that it can be worn both in winter and in summer because its brightness is exceptional. It is also reminiscent of the depth of water lit by the sun.

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