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Focus on the most popular color for Spring-Summer

To get an idea of the manicure trends that are coming for this spring-summer, nothing better than an in-depth survey on social networks. What do you think will be the most fashionable color for this spring-summer? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas!

This year we let ourselves be tempted by a little fantasy

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Exit the red and pastel pink that are far too classic for the fashionistas, we found the color that would be the most successful would be lavender nail polish. It’s the unanimous favorite of stars of the web, stylists, trend scouts and magazines, yes ladies it’s lavender nail polish that will be at the top of the trends for sunny days so get equipped without delay!

If you also want pretty nails according to the trends, don’t hesitate to invest in a complete professional manicure supply, the result won’t disappoint you!

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