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Low nail: chic and discreet manicure art

The goal of the Low nail is simple: to have perfectly manicured nails with varnish in very light pastel shades, or even nude varnish. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you everything about the low nail.

The “low nail”, another wacky manicure trend?

“Low nail” could be translated as “discreet nails”. This trendy manicure consists of nails painted in neutral or pastel shades, the purpose of the maneuver being not to swear too much with the skin color. The “low nail” is therefore a guaranteed manicure without retinal fracture.

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The “low nail”: discreet, girly, and festive!

For a girly “low nail” manicure, it is possible to opt for a pretty varnish in rather romantic tones, such as a light lavender, or even a powder pink. To avoid the old-fashioned effect, counterbalance your manicure with a more rock outfit or a dark red lipstick.

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Depending on the effect you want to give your nails, you can choose matte or glossy nail polish. For a more festive manicure, add a metallic touch. You can also glitter your ring finger nail. A nude manicure with gold leaf will be perfect for the holiday season!

We hope you liked this article and that it will inspire you for future! In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.

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