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How to massage your hand?

A hand massage is a quick and easy way to relax and unwind. Often performed at the end of a manicure. Today, we will tell you how to massage your hand.

A neat hand massage is a quick and convenient way to carve out some time for yourself in a busy day; it’s relaxing, soothing and a great way to relieve sore or overworked joints. Repetitive gestures due to the use of a computer and other daily efforts… our hands are often the last thing we think of when it comes to taking care of ourselves. But, often, a careful and conscientious massage of our hands and wrists really helps to relax and unwind.

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This massage is usually performed using a special aromatherapy oil or lotion, ideal for nourishing and softening dry or damaged skin. Using her palms, thumbs or knuckles, your masseuse will begin by massaging your hands using different techniques to release tension and induce relaxation. This involves stretching the muscles in your wrists, fingers and palms using gentle friction to warm your skin and relax your hands, using sliding pressure to release tension and working your joints to make them more flexible.

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