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Can teenage girls wear Press on Nails?

Since the nail matrix is not exposed to products not suitable for young people, it is not damaged and is not exposed to risks! Press On Nails are therefore an excellent alternative for children under 16 who wish to enhance their nails.

It’s up to you to choose the length, shape and designs that suit you. Yellow, red, blue, with floral or gothic motifs… Press On Nails exist in all colors and are very varied!

In addition to being very easy to apply and harmless to your nails, Press On Nails are also infinitely reusable, enough to save your pocket money! And if you like a change, you can change your manicure as you see fit to match your nails with your outfit as many times as you want.

Dear teenagers! It is recommended that you use gentle manicure sets to prepare your nails. If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store

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