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The trendy colors of autumn on the nail-art side

Beyond the nail-art trends which are now very important in the beauty landscape, colors also have their moments of glory. And this fall, it is not the shades of burgundy, blue or gray that are the favorites of trendsetters but rather shades that are usually more suitable for the summer season!

The green

2022 will indeed be the year of green. After the crowning glory of the avocado green that covered our nails all summer, it’s the turn of the khaki to make itself appreciable! 


Orange is the spring-summer color par excellence. The one that gives a healthy glow, that adds spice to a manicure, that makes a nail-art radiant! It’s a pity, finally, that it is confined to a single period of the year…


It needed a shade to replace our dear and tender burgundy which has been on nail art trends for far too long! And the color that trendsetters have chosen this season is brown. It’s very simple, you see it everywhere.

Now that you’ve know the trendy colors of autumn, you’re ready to use gentle manicure sets to do your favorite manicure! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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