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False nails, which technique to choose?

When you are not a nail technician, it is difficult to know everything about the nails and even less the different methods of nail application or kind of false nails. So, let’s learn the technique of realizing false nails today.

Resin nail application

Resin is a liquid glue that is applied with a brush. The resin doesn’t harden in the open air, it needs a catalyst to be applied to the nail to solidify it. This technique doesn’t make it possible to lengthen the nail, for that it is associated with the installation of capsules. One of the big advantages of resin is that it dissolves in acetone to remove it.

Acrylic nails application

Acrylic is another technique, mixing acrylic powder with monomer liquid. The mixture produces a small soft ball which you then simply apply to the nail and work in until the desired shape is obtained. Acrylic hardens in the open air. The nail is not flexible with this technique but it is very solid.

Gel nail application

The UV gel is applied directly to the nail, without any mixing. Construction gels allow, with the help of templates, to lengthen the nail, and color gels allow to obtain a colored manicure. The gel doesn’t air dry, it needs to cure under a UV lamp, about 2 minutes between each coat.

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