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Would press on nails be a good option for teenage girls?

Press on Nails are prepared and decorated false nail kits to stick on your natural nails. Reusable and very easy to apply, they have the advantage of not weakening your natural nails. 

If girls don’t want to wait too long, they could theoretically consider pressing their nails. Press on Nails applied with Gel pads (sticky patch) actually offer a great alternative for children under 16. In a professional setting, enjoy neat and stylish nails that, most importantly, do not weaken your natural nails. And finally, the Press on Nails are infinitely reusable, so you will save on your pocket money!

In addition to being harmless to your natural nails, Press On nails offer many advantages: They offer the same rendering as a pose in an institute but in 10 minutes at home. They allow you to change your manicure as you see fit, so you can match the outfit of the day or for a particular event.

3 PCS Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
3 PCS Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
6000 PCS $690.00

OK! Your nail supply specialist Maryton has explained the benefits of press on nails for teenager girls, so act now! Also, you need a gentle manicure kit to take care of your nails on a daily basis.

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