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How to properly apply the polygel?

The application of the polygel is the same as the application of the semi-permanent varnish, except that there isn’t as much coating of varnish. In addition to having the appropriate manicure kits, you also need to know the steps to apply polygel. This blog will give you ideas!

Step 1: Prepare the nails

The first step is to prepare your nails. Thus, it is necessary:

  • wash and disinfect the nails, especially if they are bitten.
  • Push back the cuticles with the help of a cuticle pusher.
  • File the nail to obtain the desired shape then polish the surface of the nails with a buffing block.
  • Dust the nail before disinfecting again.
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Step 2:Application of acrylic gel

To start, you must first choose the size of capsules adapted to your nails. Then apply a base coat on your nails and run them under the UV or LED lamp for a few minutes. Thereafter, take a small paste of gel that you will place on the capsules. Place the capsules on the nails, making sure they don’t protrude over the edges. Press lightly so that the product adheres perfectly to the nails.

Step 3:The finishing step

For the finishing step, this will depend on your tastes. You can choose to apply traditional nail polish or semi-permanent. You can also put on top coat to ensure shine and hold the nail polish for a long time.

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