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How to have beautiful cuticles?

As a nail professional, perfect nail beauty requires maintenance of the cuticles. This thin layer of skin that protects the root of the nail deserves your full attention. In this blog, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you how to have beautiful cuticles.

Here is the method to push back these cuticles correctly:

1. To start, in order to soften the cuticles, take a hot water bath for the hands in warm water enriched with softening oil;

2. Dry your hands well and apply a cuticle emollient;

3. You can then gently push them back using the cuticle pusher;

4. Finally, clean the edge of the nails and apply a cuticle moisturizer;

5. Don’t forget to disinfect the cuticle pusher to avoid any infection.

From now on, you have all the necessary resources to take care of the cuticles of the nails and to perfect yourself. Get some manicure sets now to take care of your cuticles!

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