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How to choose your nail file?

Whether or not you are a beauty addict, we all have at least one nail file, but is it the right one?There are many models available now, do you know how we should choose? Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you ideas.

First, focus on the material of this nail file:

1. Cardboard files, very popular and ultra practical, two faces with on one side thicker grains to shorten the nail, and on the other finer grains to put in shape and smooth the edges. They can be used on natural nails and false nails, but must be changed regularly.

2. Glass files, the new darlings, are gentler on the nail because their grain is finer. They are therefore ideal for rather fragile or damaged nails. You can also use it for life or almost, you just have to clean it with hot water and soap from time to time.

3. Metal files, more aggressive and can cause splitting of the nail, especially if their grains are not regular. To be reserved therefore rather for false nails.

Different options are then available to you in the choice of your nail file. You may prefer it thin so that it can easily pass under the nail or even ultra long for better handling. A buffing block can also tempt you with its face to file the nail and its three others to smooth, polish and shine. Don’t overdo it, however, so as not to weaken your nails.

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