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What you need to know about nail files

There are currently hundreds of different nail file models on the market, in all sizes, formats, and in all kinds of different materials. It is therefore difficult to choose your nail file in all this profusion of offers. Don’t panic, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain everything to you.

The types of nail files:

1. The cardboard or emery wood nail file: This is the most common nail file on the market. This is a nail file, which is generally with a thick grain on one side to give shape to the nail and a thinner side to finish it.

2. The glass nail file: Its grain is generally finer, it is easy to maintain by running it under water. Unfortunately the grain quickly detaches from the glass if the nail file is not of good quality and you should never drop it, otherwise it will shatter into a thousand pieces!

3. The metal nail file: It is strongly not recommended for filing natural nails. She is much too harsh and aggressive for these. Regular use on the natural nail risks splitting or splitting the nail plate.

4. The electric file: It is rather reserved for fans of “at home” manicure. Because, the electric nail file has several tips which will file more or less hard, polish, reduce streaks… The different heads are, of course, to be adapted according to your type of nails.

The different shapes of nail files:

1. The straight nail file: Classic among nail files, this is the model found in all ladies’ bags.

2. The “banana” nail file: Its rounded shape makes it easier to file the nail along the cuticle without hurting it. It follows the shape of the nail.

3. The “half moon” nail file: It has the same use as the “banana” nail file. But due to its shape it fits much better in the nail stylist’s hand and therefore makes modeling the nail easier.

If you only use your nail file occasionally, invest in a classic 100/180 cardboard nail file. If you are professional and you use your nail files intensively, do not hesitate to buy quality files. You will obtain a better result and the lifespan will be extended.

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