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5 actions to adopt for the good of your nails

Our nails are sometimes subjected to many attacks which can put them in a very bad state. Don’t worry, the nail expert Maryton will share with you 5 valuable suggestions so that you can better protect your nails.

1. Systematically apply a base to your nails

Before applying your varnish, don’t forget to apply a base. This will prevent the varnish from attacking your nails.

2. File your nails regularly

By filing your nails regularly you can improve the shape of your nails while refreshing the edges. Filing your nails also helps repair them if you have slight breakage or splitting. Be careful not to use the nail file on the surface of the nail!

3. Opt for a gentle acetone-free nail polish remover

The nail polish remover remains an aggressive product for the nails due to its composition. Choose a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover to reduce the risk of damage to your nails.

4. Integrate your nail care routine into your nail care routine

Cuticle oil, a must have to nourish, protect and strengthen your nails and cuticles. Depending on the needs of your nails, opt if necessary for a hardening, growth or protective treatment.

5. Moisturize your nails

Another essential that will protect your nails and hands is moisturizing cream!

OK! You now know everything you need to know to help you sport beautiful and healthy nails! In addition, I recommend investing in some manicure sets to care for your nails.

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