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Filling and removing false nails with the electric nail file

After 1 or 2 weeks, it is possible that certain areas of the covering will lift. Then the next thing you need to consider is whether to filling or removing your false nails. Keep reading, this article will give you answers.

Maintenance is essential!

You can proceed with the filling, which is recommended every 2 or 3 weeks, in order to replace the stress point in the right place. The curved effect of the nail should not be neglected, it is essential for the resistance of the nail against impacts.

Now, with a sanding band or the same cylinder used for the raised parts, gradually thin the covering towards the cuticles, taking care not to dig into the natural nail plate. If necessary, you can reduce the length using a medium-rough sanding belt.

Subsequently, reduce the thickness of the covering by half to be able to reapply the product corresponding to the covering. Remove the thickness on the tip again, following the new curve of the nail. Remove any dust and you can proceed with filling.

Removing with a file is healthier.

To completely remove the covering, cut the nail to the desired length. Set the electric nail file to medium speed and sand using a medium sanding roller or diamond roller. It is best to leave a thin layer of product so as not to affect the natural nail. Finish the nail shape with a traditional file, wash hands and moisturize the cuticles with an oil. Finally, you can treat your nails with a strengthening treatment while you get a new look!

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