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Biting your nails is a bad habit

We’ve all heard “stop biting your nails!”, because biting your nails is a scourge and affects many people. In fact, this bad habit damages the fingers, regrowth subsequently being difficult and abnormal, the nails penetrating the flesh. In this article, the nail expert Maryton will explain everything to you.

Under our nails we find billions of bacteria, small pieces of dirt that lodge there throughout the day: dust, soil, skin debris, hair, etc. These macerate then flow into the body via saliva if you bite your nails.

Limiting your risk is essential, it’s like washing your hands several times a day, if possible with a nail brush. Apart from the health and aesthetic aspect, biting your nails often causes a state of stress.

Take care of your hands and give yourself a pretty manicure so as not to be tempted

A good solution to stop this bad tic is to take time to take care of your hands and make pretty nails. To do this, the manicure kit offers you semi-permanent varnishes but also supports you in carrying out many fashionable techniques (stamping, etc.).

All you need is the will, so get to work! Especially when you know that having beautiful nails increases your self-confidence!

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