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How to choose the right nail lamp?

Gel nails are very trendy. The brands make no mistake and many of them offer their nail dryer models. To choose your UV lamp, several criteria must be considered:

  • The type of device can have an impact, depending on whether it uses ultraviolet rays or the heat of the LEDs. This is because the gels used will not be identical.
  • The power of the device is also an important factor. It particularly influences the speed at which the varnish catalyzes. The more powerful the lamp, the more bulbs or LEDs it uses.
  • Some devices are sold with accessories. These manicure kits are often interesting, especially for beginners who need to build their first equipment.
  • Most devices come with an adjustable timer. However, it is still preferable to check this point when purchasing.
  • The size of the alcove on the machine, more specifically the gap between the UV/LED and the nails, also gives a good indication of the drying efficiency.
  • As with any purchase, a safety criterion to rely on is the presence of a standard or certification, French or European, on the device.

The choice of UV lamps is very wide. To help you find your nail lamp easily, To help you find your nail lamp easily, check out our nail supply store.

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