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The nail technician’s essential colors

Diving into the shimmering world of nail prosthesis is an exciting adventure. Each shade tells a story, expresses an emotion and adds a touch of style. However, in addition to professional manicure sets, certain nail colors are essential for any nail technician wishing to ensure versatility. Let’s discover these essentials together!

First of all: the base coat and the top coat

It is imperative to emphasize the importance of the base coat and the top coat. These two elements are the pillars of an impeccable and long-lasting manicure. The base coat ensures perfect adhesion of the varnish, creating a smooth and uniform surface on the nail. For its part, the top coat seals in the color and brings a dazzling shine to the manicure.

Classic nail colors

Some shades are timeless classics, essential in any nail polish collection. Red, for example, has embodied sophistication and glamor for decades. As for black, it gives a touch of boldness and mystery to any manicure. Finally, never underestimate the power of a nude polish.

Varnish colors for French manicure

The French manicure is a timeless classic. To recreate this iconic look, you’ll need a pure white for the tip of the nail and a pale pink for the base. These refined shades are essential for creating an impeccable and professional French manicure.

Special varnishes for dazzling effects

For clients looking for a touch of originality, equip yourself with special varnishes such as glitter varnishes to shine brightly, metallic varnishes for a futuristic effect, or even neon colored varnishes for parties or very special evenings. These special polishes add a unique dimension to your creative palette.

Where to get supplies as a nail professional?

As a nail professional, it is essential to choose trusted suppliers for your materials. Specialty stores and online stores dedicated to nail beauty, such as Maryton supply, are excellent sources for finding the latest trends and high-quality products.

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