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The different nail shapes

Everything has its own shape! Nails are no exception. Square or rounded nails? Oval or almond shape? How do you choose? Read on, Maryton will tell you the answer in this article.

The square nail

The square shape became established in manicure with the arrival of false nails and the rise of gel or resin modeling techniques. And has long been a favorite among clients and prosthetists alike. It is characterized by angular corners and very straight edges. The risk of breakage is significant.

The round nail

The round nail has a rounded free edge that echoes the rounded shape of the lunula. This shape is particularly suitable for short nails and offers an ultra-natural finish. It is recommended for women who have small hands or long fingers. It is not recommended for women with small nails.

The oval nail

This elegant and versatile shape is very widely used. It’s a great classic for short or mid-length nails. Its rounded tip accentuates the length effect and elongates the nail beautifully.

The almond nail

An almond nail is an oval-shaped nail accentuated by a rounded tip. This shape offers a particularly chic look on short nails. On long nails, be careful, you can quickly unintentionally create a claw effect.

The sharp nail

The pointed nail, also called stiletto, is a characteristic shape of UV gel nail extensions. This shape is particularly suitable for long nails and a gel build. Recommended for women who want an unusual manicure!

The rounded square

Halfway between the rounded nail and the square nail, the rounded square nail offers natural, discreet and modern nails. Very pretty, this shape is equally suited to short and long nails.

The oval square

The oval square is a more original nail shape which is characterized by a straight filed tip of the nail and ovalized edges. It is the result of the marriage between an oval shape and a square shape. This shape is more suitable for mid-length or long nails.

Finally, remember that whatever the shape, it must be defined before filing! I recommend investing in some manicure supplies to care for your nails.

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